Saturday, October 3, 2015

Week 11 Recap

Once again we started off the week with a rain storm that delayed LUI’s progress. However the sun came out on Tuesday and we have had a great week. We are also working Saturday and Sunday to help make up for lost time.

This past Monday we were able to seed the green on #4. LUI”s staff sodded around the green and bunkers and we turned on the water. We should see some germination today.

#5 green looks great and the entire bluegrass rough was sodded on #5 on Thursday. Justin Stensland and his team laid 1.5 acres of bluegrass sod. It really looks good. The final grades and finish will be done to #4 fairway this weekend and the bentgrass sod for the fairway will be coming next week. We have encountered a tremendous amount of sub surface water in the #5 tee area. Anytime you come across these underground seeps and springs they have to be dealt with otherwise we will have wet spots in the future. By last night (Friday) all of them had new tile installed into them and the grading will continue in this area this weekend.

#5 green area before
#5 green area after sodding
#5 green

Work continues on the new green on #7. Sub-grades were approved by the architect mid-week and the internal drainage of the green will finish this morning. We will start hauling mix to the green today and hopefully we will be seeding the green on Monday.

The sub grade is almost done on #18, the architect will be here on Wednesday morning to approve it and we will finish that green the end of next week. Pray for a warm October and November to help us grow in the putting surfaces!

The new bridge on #2 is finished and the new bridge on #17 will be finished by tomorrow morning. Then rock will be added and compacted to the approaches and the cart paths will be finished to them.

On Sunday, LUI’s cart path crew will be coming back to the club. They will be installing new path on #2 tee to the bridge. Finishing the cart path along #4 green to #5 tee to #5 green. Then they will be moving to #7 green were they will do around the new green. Getting these paths inatalled really helps finish off a golf hole.

The DMGCC maintenance team has also been very busy. The left rear corner of #3 green was stripped of the sod on Wednesday. The staff then added some greens mix to low areas and some new cupping areas were created. Sod was laid back down on Thursday, top-dressed and rolled. The new cupping areas will help move some traffic around and should create some interesting pin placements.