Saturday, October 17, 2015

Week 13 Recap

Once again we have had a great week of weather to move this project along. It has been very pleasant and exciting to see the progress this crew can do when you have nice weather.
18 Green was seeded on Tuesday morning. This was the last green that we had to seed and it was a very critical factor for us to have it done and out of the way. I have to say that it was a huge relief for me to say that all 5 greens are now seeded and growing. I know we have cold weather this weekend but hopefully next week’s warmer temperatures will help the seed to germinate and grow before we get too many cold days and nights.

2 green and 5 green are now being mowed on a regular basis and doing very well. We rolled #4 green earlier in the week and then mowed it on Friday. It too is doing well. Below is a photo of it being mowed for the 1st time. #7 green has germinated and is starting to fill in. We have kept a green cover on this putting surface to protect it as much as we can to help promote growth. All 5 of these greens were covered on Thursday to keep them warm over the weekend.

LUI’s focus was the 18th green and 1 tee area. It was their hope to wrap up the construction in this area early next week and work their way out. The surround area on #18 green was sodded with 5 semi loads of sod on Friday night. It looks great.

#1 Tee area has the 3 new tees built and ready for seed or sod. As in years past we will be doing a combination of seeding and sodding. The gold and green tees will be sodded and the blue and black tees will be seeded. By sodding some of these tees it will make sure we have some tees that have more maturity on them. The blue tee will be seeded today and the sod around the #1 tees will be installed on Monday, completing this area.

We have a variety of bunkers rough shaped for the architect to look at and tweak to his approval. There are currently 5 new bunkers on the corner of #18 and there 5 bunkers along the left side of #1 for him to look at on Wednesday.

The tees on #5 will be cored out and drained today. The shaping and grading on #18 tees will be finished today and will be awaiting his approval. The shaper will move over to the tees on #7 on Monday, then to the tees on #2 and #4.

Our staff is currently helping with the construction as much as we can. Here is a photo of some of staff working taking out the old bridge on 17 South.

Overall a great week of weather and a lot of progress was made. The extended temperature looks favorable for some good October construction. Please book a tour with Scott Howe in the pro shop to take a look at the changes.