Saturday, November 7, 2015

Week 16 Recap

Hard to believe we have completed 16 weeks of work on this Phase of the golf course renovation project. The previous 2 years we were completed in 14 weeks of work. However as many of you have seen, this year’s project is bigger and it has a lot more components to it.

We had another great week of work. All of the tees have now been rough shaped and the major bulldozer work is completed. We still will be using the bull dozers but now it is for little jobs that will not require huge amounts of dirt/soil being moved. This may not seem like a big deal but it means we are working our way towards the end instead of opening up new parts to this project. Here is a look at the #7 green site

As I previously had mentioned all of LUI’s teams are working in harmony and they are moving across the SW 9 finishing off different parts to the project. Each project we have sodded 2 of the 4 tees on each hole and then seeded the other tees. This year has been no different. We sodded the bentgrass on #1, #2, #4, #5 and #18 tees this past week.

The new tees on #7 have been completed and will be ready for seed/sod this next week. Drainage will be completed behind #6 green today and then this entire area will be sodded on Tuesday of next week along with the rest of the area on #18 tees.
The concrete crew is scheduled to be back in here on Monday and they will stay on site until they are completed with the concrete installation.

The bunker crew finished the bunkers on #17 green, they will move to #6 green today and then on to #7 fairway bunkers the first part of the week. Daniel is rough shaping the bunkers on #4 fairway then he will move to #3 fairway and then finish on #2 fairway.

#1 Green side bunker

Rain is our worst enemy right now, it takes a very long time to dry out if we get a big rain event. We dodged the storm system on Wednesday and we were blessed that we could keep working.