Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Mid winter update

This time of year is always difficult to write a blog post that might be exciting or interesting for you to read. Many of the tasks that we are doing this time of year are very boring and repetitive for us but they do remain important items that need to be completed.

We have our 2 - 1st assistant superintendents working on sharpening reel mowers. This involves the disassembly of the reels, replacing bad bearings, seals or worn items and then assemble them again and level them. Then the bedknife and the reels are sharpened on 2 different machines. Once completed the reels are adjusted for height of cut and reel to bedknife adjustment (how it cuts paper). Then they are put back on their perspective mowers and are ready to go for the new season.

This photo is Mitch and Andy in their winter home working on reels.

Head Golf Course Technician Ryan Osler oversees the entire maintenance of the golf course fleet of equipment. This is Ryan's area. It can get quite crowded in here at times but he seems to manage it very well.

We have one group of staff members who do all of the sanding of golf course furniture and they also build all of the new tee markers and stakes that are used on the property. Once the items have been sanded then they are taken to our paint booth and re-painted for the upcoming year.

Here is an area where we do some of the sanding work. The only thing that really keeps it up beat is the music that the guys all listen too all winter.

Here are some items that have been sanded and painted. They look awesome once the guys have them done.

All of our traffic signs were made here on site and at times need to be refurbished. Craig Connell is doing that tasks this winter and here are some examples of his work in progress. He is doing a great job on them.

Our 2 superintendents Nate Tegtmeier and Tim Sims are very busy planning the flower beds for each golf course and club house areas. They are also taking on the task of building and sand blasting the new tee signs for the South course along with the yardage plates on the tees.

I am very happy that I am surrounded by such a talented group of professionals. Remember that every time we have any snow or ice these guys have to drop what they are doing and tend to the cleaning of driveways, sidewalks and shoveling the snow around the dome. Hopefully we have a short winter and we are back on the golf courses in March.