Saturday, August 20, 2016

Phase 4, Week 1 Renovation Report Update

Hard to believe that we have finally made it to the last and final phase of the 4 year project. It has been some very long hours and a lot of hard work by our staff to get to this point. We have learned a lot along the way that will serve many of these guys well into their turf careers.

The first week always seems to go slow because you are trying to start out and get going. Many little things need to be accomplished before you can put a shovel in the ground. Lots of locating of current infrastructure, setting up boundary fencing and put up erosion control fencing to name a few.

Wright Outdoor Solutions came in on Monday and started to remove some of the trees that are in the way of the new designs. They are about 1/2 completed with their work. The big silver maple trees behind #14 green were a nice backdrop to that green, however every one of them was hollow in the middle and they were a hazard to anyone that was around them. Here is a photo of one of them after it had been dropped. Silver maples grow quickly and when they become that size alot of them are hollow in the middle of them and very rotten.

Once set up and ready to go Al and his Landscapes Unlimited crew got started on removing all of the railroad ties on the old #9 pond. It took me and my fellow golf course crew members about 3 months to build that wall back in 1984. Took them 2 days to remove it. Very bitter sweet for me. Once the ties were removed they wasted no time in starting to save topsoil and start pushing dirt around to make the new #9 green. Here are a few photos of the new area. Very difficult to see future golf course items right now.

In this photo you are on the former 9th green looking back at 9 tees.

This is the former 8 green site. Take care of it one day, a week later trucks are parked on it and a dozer is pushing in the back of it into the former lake.

The former 8th green is now gone and will be the future site of the new 9th fairway. Next LUI will start expanding the lake to the west to garner enough soil to complete the filling in of the lake.

The bull dozer will start on the new 8th green this upcoming Monday. Unfortunately for us the domestic water line that comes from the club house to service the maintenance shop and the house is directly under the new 8th green. We have dug a new ditch to relocate the water line and we will be turning off the water and moving it today. Once that is done the shaping of the new par 3 can start and Mr. Liddy will be in town next weekend to survey our progress so far.

Here is the home for the new water line.

Please check back each week for future updates. Thank you and please remember to obey the No Sight Seeing Signs. They are there for a reason. We will be scheduling tours later in the construction season.