Saturday, October 22, 2016

Phase 4, Week 10 Renovation Project Update

Phase 4, Week 10 Renovation Project Update

It has been a wonderful week from a weather standpoint. We have worked straight through since the rain last week. I am always amazed how much happens on a construction project like this once you sit back and analyze the week’s work.

Last Sunday we were still working in mud on #14 fairway and moving that material to the green complex on #15. It was very messy but necessary.

Monday and Tuesday, LUI had every man on their team working on this hole. By Wednesday morning the green had been seeded by our team. We had installed the bentgrass sod on the approach and fairway, while LUI and Stensland Sodding teamed up to finish the prep of over 2 acres around the green, bunkers and all of the rough areas on the hole.

Here is a photo of the DMGCC installing sod to the approach.

This is the completed 15th hole, tees need to be sodded.

The next area of focus is the 12th hole. As you know we are building a rather large berm along Jordan Creek Parkway to help hide the road. One of the obstacles in this area is the presence of 2 man holes. I mentioned last week that we had to raise the man holes up higher because we still need access to them once the berm is built. We received the risers yesterday. Once the excavation was done around the manholes work was ready to start. The soil was cut back in steps around the man holes to protect the workers down in the hole from dirt collapsing in on them. The water meter pit was raised with no difficulties. The sewer man hole was a little different story. It had a riser piece on top that weighed in around 6,000 lbs. LUI had no equipment that big to lift off and re-use it. Elder Corporation to the rescue. They were doing some work about 20 blocks away. They brought in a machine to lift it off. We installed the appropriate amount of riser pieces and they came back and installed the heavy top piece once again. Today the rest of the lake bank will be cut back and the berm should be shaped in by late this afternoon. This is the last of the major excavation on a 4 year project. It really feels good to say that after all of the soil that we have moved to make the necessary changes.

Infamous heavy sewer manhole top.

Installing a riser section to the sewer manhole.

Finished manhole business.

Danny is very busy rough shaping bunkers. Architect Tim Liddy is due in on Tuesday and we hope to have 3 holes of bunkers for him to look at. There is one team working on installing drainage pipe, another team is finishing off tees and prepping along paths. Now it is a race to the finish line, the only thing that could derail this project is very cold, wet weather. Pray for some sun!