Saturday, November 5, 2016

Phase 4, Week 12 Renovation Project Update

Phase 4, Week 12 Renovation Project Update

Week 12 is now in the books. Once again rain shortens our week. It is amazing how long it takes to dry out a shaded area this time of year. The sun angle is low and getting lower, not much drying out power in the sun at this angle. All we can hope for is wind to help dry out areas. We have to change strategies now if we want to finish this out. We have to work the shaded areas as soon as we can to get them completed, otherwise they may not dry up enough for us to get them graded and sodded. I don’t recall that happening in the past years, maybe it did and there are just more shaded areas this year.

Today will be the last day for the concrete trucks to be here. It will be really good to once again have our cart path system 100% complete and also we have reached a goal that Bill Byers set out to do about 15 years ago – we are now 100% concrete paths. No more asphalt paths. It has taken a long time for the club to reach this goal.and I happy to have that behind us. Did you know our cart path system is just over 12 miles long? The LUI team will finish the path on #12 this morning, saw cut it tomorrow and start the grading process by the path on Monday. The new lake overflow pipe was installed this week. It replaces an old galvanized overflow pipe that had failed. We now also have met our requirements on storm water retention on our property. In the event of a large rainfall we now will retain and release water at the desired rates mandated to us by the City of West Des Moines.

The intake on the new overflow pipe on #12.

The last of the cart path on #12.

Today we will also finish another milestone in our 4 year construction project. We will finish building the tees on #9 South. By my count we have built 93 new tees in the last 4 years. This week the DMGCC team installed the bentgrass sod on some tees. #8, 10, 14, and 15 tees were all sodded on Tuesday. We are sodding all of the tees this year so that when open in the spring the tees are ready to go. The remaining tees will be sodded on Tuesday this next week. Once the tee crew is finished this morning they will be immediately shifted to a bunker building crew. Danny is well ahead of them shaping the bunkers. In fact after this weekend we should have only 5 bunkers on the 16th hole to rough shape to finish up.

New look from forward tee #14

Last tee on #9 to finish. #9 blue tee

The sodding along the cart path on the 9th hole will be completed this morning. That is the last work that needs to happen on this hole. The irrigation crew is tying up a lot of loose ends. The abandonment of the old cement line and all of the galvanized parts of that system are now history. That system was installed back in 1967 and was used for the past 49 years. I believe the club got their monies worth out of it. I am very happy to have the much better flow and pressure to our sprinkler heads throughout the property utilizing the new main lines throughout the property.

I had a little time today so I did a quick fly around some holes with the drone. My skills have diminished with it. Hit a tree which you don't get to see! Here is #15 from the black tee, 14 from 180 yds into the green, a quick look at the tee construction on 9 tee and then a fly down the left side of #9

I am sure many of you have seen the plowing, boring and digging that a company called Telecom has been doing throughout the property. This company was hired to install a fiber optic network to the clubhouse, cabana, and maintenance shop and to all of the villages that will be built during the Solheim Cup. All of the fiber is in place and now all of the hand holds are in place. There are 14 handholds on the property, this are a crucial component of this fiber system. We have changed some of these hand holds out 3 times. They now assure me they have it correct and all of that work is behind us. We had a long meeting yesterday to finalize all of the needs for us and the LPGA. They will next design the fiber network and then we will have a splicing expert to come to each hand held and correctly splice the network together. This system will operate internet, telephones, video boards, televisions, wireless systems etc. Once the Solheim Cup is behind us, the club will benefit by still using and having this new system. I was very naive about the ability of a well planned and executed fiber optics system. It is very high tech and very exciting.

The only evidence of the fiber network on the golf course.