Friday, June 9, 2017

Course Care

Dear Des Moines Golf and Country Club Member,

In less than 70 days our golf courses will be seen on the world stage. Work has begun on the build out for the Solheim Cup and all Club departments are very busy preparing and planning for this world class event.

On the golf course, we really need your assistance to help us have the golf course turf in the best possible condition. I would like to remind you of a few golf course care tips we ask you to use in your day to day play.

Please replace any divots you take or you see not replaced. Whether it’s on a tee or a fairway, replace the divot. If the divot is too fractured to replace, then please use the sand bottles provided. We should never have fairways look like this one in the photo below the morning after a busy weekend.

Unrepaired ball marks are more evident as we are experience more play. Remember, if your ball hits the green from any elevated position, it will leave some sort of indentation on the putting surface. Please try to find it and repair it correctly. This video that Scott Howe made does an excellent job of explaining how to use the Pitch Pro tool on our ball marks. Please take the time to review it and use the tool often.

This year we have seen more golf cart violations than ever before. Remember, enter the fairway at the red stake and return to the cart path at the next red stake. Then stay on the path until the next tee; do not cut through roughs to get to the next tee. Golf carts, when not used correctly, are one of the worst wear items for the turf. Please obey our rules for cart usage and remind those you are playing with to do so as well.

Many of you have no doubt seen the merchandise tent and opening /closing ceremony bleachers being erected by the West Range. Construction will move to the 1 st Tee (#10 North) on Monday, June 12. Material for this construction will be stored in the no-mow next to #11 South and an area north of the East Range. This will result in us closing the East Range and the East Range practice green during this time. It is estimated this work will take two weeks, at which time the East Range will re-open. Please be mindful of the construction traffic and the fact these areas need to be treated as construction zones; closed to member traffic. We appreciate your cooperation in advance.

Course restrictions for the Solheim Cup are still several weeks away but we want to make you aware of them. On the Championship golf course there will be some restrictions for the use of Solheim Cup tees after the Member/Member tournament. Golf carts on the Championship Course will be restricted to paths after the Damsel Duo on August 2. The LPGA Rules Official has asked that we not paint any hazards after July 4 th so as not to interfere with the lines they will be painting for the event. So after July 4 th only hazard stakes will define the hazards. Also beginning in July we will be increasing the heights of primary rough at their request.

Thank you for your help on these matters and we hope you enjoy your summer at the Club.

Rick Tegtmeier, CGCS MG
Director of Grounds