Saturday, July 25, 2015

Phase 3, Week 1 Recap

It is the 25th of July and we have started Phase 3 almost 4 weeks earlier than the 2 previous phases. Landscapes Unlimited Inc. is our golf course contractor. They were also our contractor for Phase 1. I have been very impressed with their commitment to the job this year. They were on site early, all set up with equipment and deliveries well ahead of the start date.

This year the renovation will be in 2 different steps. Step 1 is a new green and partial fairway on #2, also we will be adding new tees on #3. One of those tees will be built in 1st step of Phase 3. On August 17th we will be closing down 1-7, 17, 18 on the South for the start of the 2nd step.

The new green on #2 is our main focus. It is being built where the old tree nursery is at. We removed 45 trees in the area this week. We then sprayed Roundup on the turf to kill the vegetation. You can see in this photo where we have killed the turf and painted all of the stumps white so the back hoe operator could see them for removal.

After stumps are removed. the area is roto-tilled to incorporate the dead vegetation into the topsoil. The new green was staked out for golf course architect Tim Liddy to see. Tim arrived on site on Wednesday afternoon. We made several trips from the tee to the landing area to the green site and back again to look at the hole and discuss how he would like it to be laid out. It was then decided to shift the new green slightly south. By doing this we would not be removing some of the trees that were previously marked for removal along the right side of the fairway.

The next step is to lay out the new green with grade stakes. We are doing this today. Mr. Liddy will revisit the site next week to give his final approval of the new green grades. Here is his sketch for the new green site. It looks to be a very interesting putting surface.

Here we are laying out the green grades.

Work is also progressing on the pond that is adjacent to the old green. This pond has to have all of the muck removed, then filled with good soil because the new fairway will play right through this area.

The old pond has over 5 feet of silt that has come into it for the past 50 years. All of this muck is being loaded on to small trucks and hauled to pits south of 3 tee. Once it placed in the pits we will push good soil over the top of them and in time it will force the water out of the area and then it will be graded smooth and seeded.

The little Wacker Nueson trucks that LUI is using, are very amazing vehicles. They are fast, stable and maneuverable. They are able to move about a 100 cubic yards of material an hour. That is very fast on a golf course construction project.

As the silt is removed soil is placed back in its place and eventually by the middle of next week we should have a pond all filled in.

There is also the matter of water still flowing downstream while this work is being done. Right now a diversion ditch was dug. Eventually there will be a new 36” tile line installed to carry all of the water through the new fairway to the big pond on #2.

Friday, July 10, 2015

At The Tee Ends

Every morning we set the ropes at the driving range tee. We want the experience to be a good one when you are practicing here at the club. However the complaint that I heard this morning was that the ropes were set up and there was no good turf to hit from. Well I asked our superintendent what happened? He had instructed his staff where to put the ropes knowing that the middle of the area was used up, however the ends were great and there were no bad areas at either end. The middle of the tee had been used up so the golfers were correct, and our superintendent was trying to get the most out of the tee by setting up in an area that had been used but he wanted the golfers to practice on the ends.

Most golfers are creatures of habit. They drive to the middle of the tee and that is where they like to hit from. Our tees at the west range are 100 yards long. So when you approach the tee on a cart if you would take the time to drive to the west end I think you will find that there is usually some good areas to hit from. We are also working with the Pro Shop staff to set the end areas the first thing in the morning and then later in the day we will migrate more towards the middle by setting up more hitting stations.

I think this photo does a very good job of showing what I mean when I say the golfers are wearing out the middles and not using the ends.

Also please remember to not clear out an entire area as you practice. Please leave some turf between your divot lines so we have some areas that will recover.

Thank you for understanding and helping us out on this matter.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Scott Howe and myself have spent a lot of time trying to educate our golfers on golf course care. We have made videos, we have sent out special emails, we have made signs, we have done blog posts on it and we have sat on the 1st tee talking to golfers. Evidently not everyone is listening to what we are trying to say.

Coming out this morning to the east range and finding this just makes me sick. How can someone think that this will ever recover? We have talked about hitting in a straight line and then leaving some space to allow some grass to grow back. The only thing that is going to grow back here is nothing! For us to get turf back in this area it will require someone to re-sod it and then spend weeks watering and caring for this sod. Sometimes you just shake your head in amazement at the lack of care for your beautiful golf courses and facilities.

Please review this sign and remember to leave some turf between the rows of divots. Thank you.

Friday, May 8, 2015

The transition on #8 North

Of all of the holes that had work done to them last fall, #8 North probably took the most abuse of any of them. We sometimes forget how much work was done to a golf hole until you look back at video to see what really happened and look at the dates the work was being done. The 8th hole will open for play today. It is still rough around the edges just a little, but with some good weather it is going to heal in nicely an it is going to be a fun hole to play for our membership.

I have uploaded 3 videos on #8 North. The first one shows how the hole looked before any construction was done to it. The second video is early October, the green was just seeded and work was starting on the fairway bunker area. The last video was taken this morning. We hope you enjoy the work that was done to the 8th.

Friday, May 1, 2015

#14 North Videos

This is a video I took of #14 during the last week of August. At that time none of the tee or bunker work had even been started so I did not video any of those areas. You can see the green area is under complete construction.

So now fast forward 9 months to May 1, 2015 and you can see the complete renovation of the 14th hole on the North Course.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Video of Holes 11,12 and 13

I did a quick flyover last Thursday morning of holes 11, 12 and 13. This will give you a little flavor of the new bunkers and some of the work that was completed on the NE 9 holes. You can also see a lot of new sod that was installed on these holes.