Monday, October 20, 2014

Week 9 Recap

Week 9 Recap
I am sorry that I am late in getting an update written this week. We finally hit a stretch of nice weather and we have worked non-stop trying to get things done.

We had a lot of rain at the start of the week that basically shut us down for 2.5 days. By Wednesday we were able to get started working again. All of the work around #13 green has been completed. #14 tees are all seeded and the cart path work and sodding is about completed. By Tuesday we should be out of that are completely.

All of the new tees have now been graded except for #10 tee. Leibold is really busy getting tees built, the last of the drainage in and building bunkers. Architect Tim Liddy was in last Thursday and gave them some guidance on their projects.

We are busy building the wall on #12 green while it is high and dry. Hopefully we can stay away from the rain and we can get a lot done in that area.
Sorry for the short rant this week and the lack of photos. I have been so busy I have not had a lot of time to do anything but golf course items and construction.

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Week 8 recap

Week 8 Recap

This broken record seems to continue to be played every week. Once again mid-week we had ½” of rain to derail the progress for a couple of days. However some very exciting things did happen this week.

All of the focus is on the area around #13 green and #14 tees. We want to finish this area and move out of there so that #14 can be finished and we can move to other project areas. The greenside bunker on #13 green will be finished today, there was supposed to be a bunker the entire length of #13 green but there really was not a lot of room in that area to make a bunker look good, so it was decided to scrap the bunker and move the pond closer to the green behind the bunker. It really looks nice. Look for a flyover video soon on the blog page to show you how it looks from up top. I think you will really enjoy the new look.

Here is a look at a few photos from around #13 green.

The new berms are almost completed behind the green and ready for sod. The cart path around #14 tees will be installed today and then the final finish can be done around the tees. We should be able to seed the tees next week and install the bluegrass on the tee banks and berm, moving out of that area. A tremendous amount of work has been done in this area and I will be happy to move onward.

On #13 the new tees have been cored out and sub-bases have been leveled. The new forward tee is now moved and will be ready for the next phase of construction.

Cart path on #11 is 95% done and crews are working to backfill and sod along all of the new cart paths.

#8 green was reseeded last Sunday. We have had it covered all week and it is slow to germinate however there is a lot of seed up and it is looking better. We continue to push #14 green and we are mowing it about 3 times a week.

We started the construction of the new wall around #12 green. This will be a wall that is modeled after the 17th green at TPC Sawgrass. We had structural engineers design the new wall to make sure it will work in our climate. We ordered the rough sawn lumber from a local distributor and it has gone through the saw mill out west. The wood will all be Douglas Fir, it was treated and loaded on to semi-trucks last night in South Dakota. We will take delivery on Tuesday morning and we will start construction right away. This is a big project and we are doing it in house with our staff.
First step was to cut away the bank around the green. The excavation work will be finished this morning. Over 120 loads of pond bank were removed from that area and moved to another sight on the course for future work. The bank was shored up with plywood and posts to keep everything intact and to provide some stability of the pond bank. We have to be very detailed in all of our elevation measurements as we go. A shelf was cut in at a specific elevation as we did the excavation. Next step will be to install all of the upright posts. We will use a 18” auger to install them and backfill around them with concrete. Next week I hoped to have some much better progress photos for you to see. It is a very exciting project and should look really good.Our biggest challenge is to control the water coming from upstream. Rain is our enemy right now.

Overall progress continues to be made despite the rain. We have yet to have a week where it hasn’t rain. That is the hand we have been dealt and we will push to continue to the end.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Flyover of Hole #8, October 5, 2014

You can see the outline of the fairway bunkers that you will have to hit over to reach a new, wider landing area. You can see the green off of the tee. The new green is protected by 3 new bunkers. I am a little disappointed in the germination of the seed on the new green. We will seed it again today.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Week 7 Recap

48 days since this project started and we have had rain on 22 of them! It has been an unbelievable wet fall. We started off the week on a very high note. All of the drainage, sodding and concrete work was completed around the 8th green. We even received a semi load of Bentgrass sod out of Chicago that was used to sod the approach area.

Then as you all know on Tuesday night the rains came. Finally on this Saturday morning crews are back at it. Drainage is being installed to the new tees on #14. Irrigation will be installed on Monday and then they will be finished later that day. Bunkers are being shaped in on #13 green and if we have some nice days next week they too will be completed.

The new pond expansion on #18 is about 1 work day from being completed. They will be digging there again on Monday, then they will spend some time grading the soil into some very nice berms next to the 13th green.

The cart path installation crew left for the rain days and took some time to go home and relax. They will be back to work on Monday and they will start on #11 cart path.

We have mowed the turf on #14 green a couple of times now. The seed that we planted last week on #8 green is up and looking very good. We have turf covers on both greens to help insulate them from the cool nights.

The Aqua Vac crew is finish and have moved on to another job. It is nice to have one hurdle jumped and we can put that behind us. They filled 2 more silt bags that are in a no mow area. We will let them dry up for a couple of weeks, then that material will be incorporated into the new mounds in that area.

We will start our work on the wall on #12 green this next week. We will start by pumping down the water level in that pond, then Elder Corporation will be starting on Wednesday trimming the bank back to give us a new edge on the pond.

All of the completed work looks very exciting and if you have not had a chance to take a tour with the pro shop please take the time to do so. Having some new cart paths out on the golf course makes it a little easier to get around and not drive through some new sod.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Week 6 Recap

Week 6 Recap

The first part of the week started off with some very good weather for golf course construction. Almost everywhere you looked something was happening on the golf course.

Wall to Wall Concrete finished all of the cart path work from 9 green down the hill to the covered bridge on #10 green. They moved over to #8 and did a big pour on Monday. They completed almost ½ of the hole and then the rain shut them down for the rest of the week. They will be back in town on Monday to finish #8 and then they will move over to #11.

Drainage crews were very busy installing new drainage on #13 fairway and across #11 fairway this week. Last night work started by the drain line next to #7 green taking a drainage line up to the new lower fairway on #8. This is a major trunk line that will drain the bunkers and the new lower fairway.

Sodding crews worked very hard at the start of the week. 4 semi loads of sod were installed on #14 around the green. Also the new Bentgrass fairway on #14 was installed and watered in by the thunderstorm we had on Tuesday night. Basically that shut down the sod installation for the week.

Architect, Tim Liddy was here on late Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday. Again the major thunderstorm slowed us down. However Tim was able to look at #8 green and give his thoughts on some final changes there. He also looked at some future bunkers and tee complexes to keep the contractor going.

Not much work happened Wednesday and Thursday. As I had mentioned we received ¾’ of rain Wednesday. By Friday were back up and moving. On #18 green several large field stone boulders were installed at the water line to help shore up the bank under the 18th green. They look very nice and should serve a very useful function protecting the bank from future erosion.

The muck bag on #18 was opened up and the silt was removed and buried. The expansion on the pond on #18 was started. A hole was dug next to #13 green to generate some good clay for #14 tees. Now the soil from the pond expansion will be pushed into that hole and then the new spectator berm will be built around the right side of #13 green.

A lot of soil was pushed around on the new #14 tee complexes. Soil was hauled to the new Gold and Blue tees. The green tees were roughed in and the new Black tee was done on Saturday. All of the tee tops will be laser leveled and then topsoil will be installed around the outside edges and a new cart path will be graded next to the tees.

All of the work around the new green on #8 was completed Friday morning. A Kentucky Bluegrass ring of sod was laid on Friday afternoon to protect the new seeding. Saturday morning our staff seeded the new green on #8 and covered it to help in the germination process. On Monday we have 2-3 semi loads of sod coming to sod all of the green and bunker surrounds.

Speaking of germinating Bentgrass seed, if you are playing the NW 9 when you get to #18 tee look over at the new 14th green. We had very good germination of the Bentgrass seed and the new green has been rolled once to smooth it up. We will be cutting the green on Monday, 10 days after seeding. Now we will really push the turf to help it fill in and we will also start topdressing the green to smooth any imperfections.

Our staff also took on a project to raise the back left corner of #11 green. We now have a very nice cupping area back there. It was elevated and leveled to accept a fairly level pin position. Our staff did a wonderful job in doing it.

This morning we started laser grading the new tees on #14. They were elevated slightly and shifted right to line you up better with the hole.

Thursday, September 25, 2014