Saturday, October 22, 2016

Phase 4, Week 10 Renovation Project Update

Phase 4, Week 10 Renovation Project Update

It has been a wonderful week from a weather standpoint. We have worked straight through since the rain last week. I am always amazed how much happens on a construction project like this once you sit back and analyze the week’s work.

Last Sunday we were still working in mud on #14 fairway and moving that material to the green complex on #15. It was very messy but necessary.

Monday and Tuesday, LUI had every man on their team working on this hole. By Wednesday morning the green had been seeded by our team. We had installed the bentgrass sod on the approach and fairway, while LUI and Stensland Sodding teamed up to finish the prep of over 2 acres around the green, bunkers and all of the rough areas on the hole.

Here is a photo of the DMGCC installing sod to the approach.

This is the completed 15th hole, tees need to be sodded.

The next area of focus is the 12th hole. As you know we are building a rather large berm along Jordan Creek Parkway to help hide the road. One of the obstacles in this area is the presence of 2 man holes. I mentioned last week that we had to raise the man holes up higher because we still need access to them once the berm is built. We received the risers yesterday. Once the excavation was done around the manholes work was ready to start. The soil was cut back in steps around the man holes to protect the workers down in the hole from dirt collapsing in on them. The water meter pit was raised with no difficulties. The sewer man hole was a little different story. It had a riser piece on top that weighed in around 6,000 lbs. LUI had no equipment that big to lift off and re-use it. Elder Corporation to the rescue. They were doing some work about 20 blocks away. They brought in a machine to lift it off. We installed the appropriate amount of riser pieces and they came back and installed the heavy top piece once again. Today the rest of the lake bank will be cut back and the berm should be shaped in by late this afternoon. This is the last of the major excavation on a 4 year project. It really feels good to say that after all of the soil that we have moved to make the necessary changes.

Infamous heavy sewer manhole top.

Installing a riser section to the sewer manhole.

Finished manhole business.

Danny is very busy rough shaping bunkers. Architect Tim Liddy is due in on Tuesday and we hope to have 3 holes of bunkers for him to look at. There is one team working on installing drainage pipe, another team is finishing off tees and prepping along paths. Now it is a race to the finish line, the only thing that could derail this project is very cold, wet weather. Pray for some sun!

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Phase 4, Week 9 Renovation Project Update

Phase 4, Week 9 Renovation Project Update

Once again this week we were plagued by rain that set the team back 2 days and the cart path crew 3 days. We are now going again and hopefully the forecasted rains for this afternoon stay away.

#9 green cover was removed on Friday and we had some very good germination of the new seed. We will be mowing this green on Monday. As long as soil temperatures are warm we will leave the cover off. Here is a photo of the green from the landing area. I am very pleased with the final product.

We finished installing all of the greens mix on #15. There will be a crew of guys doing the final grading of the green today and tomorrow. The irrigation installation will finish today also. There are 3 bunkers on the green and they too will be finished today. Cart path on this hole was poured on Friday, they will cut the concrete path this morning and crews will do all of the final grading of the hole today. Hopefully if the weather holds we sod and seed this hole on Monday or Tuesday. This is a photo showing the last of the mix going in on #15. The last green in a 4 year project.

Works continues on #12. The big cut on the right side past the lake is almost complete. Bunkers will be shaped in today. We met with officials from the City of West Des Moines yesterday to finalize plans on raising up the sewer manhole and the water meter pit that operates the restroom on #13 tee. All of this falls under City jurisdiction and they have been great to work with.
Once #15 is completed, crews will essentially be working on 3 different items to finish. They are tees, which will be sodded, drainage and rebuilding the remaining bunkers.

Saturday, October 8, 2016

Phase 4, Week 8 Renovation Project Update

Phase 4, Week 8 Renovation Project Update

Week 7 weekend found me taking of 2 days to attend the Ryder Cup Tournament in Minnesota to cheer on my friend Zach Johnson and his teammates, so with this week's report I will try to update you with 2 weeks of information.

Hole #8

The putting green was seeded 2 weeks ago. We covered it with an Evergreen Turf Cover to protect it if we received heavy rains, but more importantly they work really well to hold in some heat and promote germination of the seed. At day 5 we could see that we had achieved really good success with our seeding. 9 days after seeding we mowed the green and applied fertility. We will continue to take the cover off and mow it every few days, and place it back to promote as much growth as possible.

7 days after seeding

1st Mowing

Bluegrass sod has been installed on much of the rough around the 8th hole and the bentgrass sod was installed on the fairway. We will be mowing all of this sod very soon. It has knitted down well and growing. The fall temperatures have been very good for this.

The remainder of the drainage has been installed around the tees and the only item that remains left is to finish the construction of the tee tops. This will be put on hold until the other greens are completed and seeded. Cart path work has also begun on the 8th hole.

Hole #9

There was a huge push over the last 2 weeks to finish off the green end of the 9th. The green construction and irrigation was completed last Monday. The green complex was sodded and then we were able to apply fertility to the green and seed it. Stensland Sodding came in on Monday and started to install the bluegrass sod. At the same time that they were installing bluegrass sod they also had a crew cutting bentgrass sod for the new fairway. We cut the sod off of the old 15th hole and moved it to the new 9th. They started late on Monday installing bentgrass sod on the fairway. They even brought in lights to continue working into the evening. By Tuesday morning they had just a little bit of work left to do. DMGCC staff also were involved cutting and installing bentgrass sod into other parts of the 9th hole. All of the bentgrass was blown off and rolled immediately after installation. Here are some photos of the process in action.

#9 Fairway

The fairway bunkers on the 9th were completed yesterday and on Monday we will finish the bentgrass sod on that hole. There is a huge area of bluegrass rough that is prepped and ready for Stensland to install sod. So hopefully he will be here in full force on Monday to do that portion of the 9th hole. The area where the 9th used to be is all filled in with new drainage tile and grading completed. This area was seeded to oats and fescue prior to the rainfall that we received this week. It should look really nice once the turf is established. The cart has also been completed on the 9th so hopefully very soon tours will be able to go on these holes and you will be able to drive on the new paths and not in the dirt/mud.

Dirt work on #12 has started, we had to be very careful in this area where we are cutting and moving dirt. The club has an 8” water main line that comes through this area. We had to locate the line and be very careful not to hit it. We also have to leave enough soil over it to make sure that it is still below the frost line. The topsoil in this area is first moved and saved, then the clay layer is moved. This process will take quite a few days to do.

#15 is really starting to move forward. There was a tremendous amount of drainage tile lines that had to be installed on both sides of the fairway and around the new green. Once that was installed LUI has been working at a fevered pace to finish the dirt moving. The architect was in on Friday for a visit to make his final adjustments to the hole and now there will be a huge push over the few days to finish this hole. The cart path on #16 will be poured today, then this crew will move back to #8 to finish it off.

It has been a great 2 week run of events. A lot of work has been completed but we still have a lot to do. I very optimistic that we will finish this fall as long as the rains stay away. Scott Howe and staff will be giving tours of the construction, please sign up and see what has been happening.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Phase 4, Week 6 Renovation Project Update

Phase 4, Week 6 Renovation Project Update

It was a wonderful week of work. No rain really makes construction work happen at a very rapid pace. It is amazing to me how much soil has been moved around Des Moines Golf for the last 3 years, however this year has really raised that total amount of dirt work that has been moved. Just standing back and looking how much soil has been moved to create new and exciting golf holes is truly amazing. The downside is that it takes a lot of time to move that much soil and get a hole prepared for final seeding and sodding. However I think you will find that it will be worth the effort once it is completed.

This week on 8th hole all of the irrigation was installed and prepped for operation. The final drainage work was completed and then final grading was completed around all drainage basins. Liners and sand were added to the bunkers. On Friday afternoon after a brief morning shower the bluegrass sod installation was started. Stensland Sodding installed 5 semi loads of sod around the green, bunkers and outlined the fairway. This morning they will be cutting the sod on 15th fairway and moving it over to the 8th fairway.

The DMGCC crew has installed all of the pre plant treatment to the new putting green. Then it was seeded and wheel tracked in. This morning we will install a cover on the green to help speed up germination next week and this also protects it from the forecasted heavy rains tonight.

Seeding taking place on 8 Green

Wheel Tracking in the seed

The 8th hole this morning

My hats off to my staff for helping to maintain all of the infrastructure that is installed on the 8th hole. All of the irrigation control wires, septic systems, weather station wires, domestic water and the newly installed conduit for fiber optic cable. They worked with LUI to make sure all of this stayed operational and intact while the 8th hole was rebuilt. It was a very difficult task but with some careful planning it has worked very well.

Architect Tim Liddy was in for a visit on Wednesday to give us his insight on how to finish off the 9th green complex and the fairway bunkers. LUI is making the necessary dirt work changes and today they should complete the drainage of the 9th fairway. They hope to spread the black dirt back on the fairway by the end of today. EC Design will be out Monday morning to flag out the irrigation on the 9th fairway and rough.

Once the sod is removed on the 15th hole the irrigation lines will be cut and capped and then the dirt work will start on the 15th hole. The green complex is cored out and ready to be gridded. The fairway area will require several days of dirt work to complete it to the plan.

An excavator has moved to the 12th hole to start stump removal and he is prepping to start moving some soil there next week. Silt fence and erosion protection has to be installed 1st to protect the area prior to any major dirt work.

We also moved some trees this week that were small enough for us to handle with our tree spade. Anything that we could save, we have. I am happy to say that all of the tree work is now complete on this 4 year project. Happy to have that in our rearview mirror!

One of the major items for the irrigation install this year was to connect a new irrigation line to the 16th hole. This required a bore under the golf course maintenance road using an 8” HDPE pipe. This was completed yesterday. LUI is making those connections today. We will soon have some very nice pressure to the irrigation system on that side of the golf course.

Also for this next week we will begin installation of a new fiber optic network across the golf course. There will be some major work being done by the starter stand and the clubhouse. This fiber network will provide high speed internet and cable to the Clubhouse, Cabana, Golf course maintenance facilities. It will also be used for the point of sale systems for the Solheim Cup, Sign boards during the tournament and provide the Villages at the Solheim Cup with information and internet during the tournament. Once the tournament is completed we will utilize that fiber optic cable well into the future. This should take 2 weeks for us to complete this. Sorry for this inconvenience.

While all of this has been happening we are still working on the aerification of the golf course. It seems to have been a bit of a battle this year with golf schedules and weather. We have 6 fairways left to do on the open side of the South course. We hope to complete those holes this upcoming Monday and we can put that to bed for this year! Thanks for your patience while we have been doing a very important task.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Phase 4, Week 5 Renovation Project Update

Phase 4, Week 5 Renovation Project Update

Unfortunately for us the weather still dominates how we are doing. The week started off on a very positive note. We were able to complete a lot little pieces of the puzzle and we are getting closer to installing some turf on some holes.

The 15th green has been rough shaped and is waiting for some dry weather to move forward with it. We have 1 more tree to remove in that area and once the sod is moved off the fairway the earth moving will start on this hole. The fairway turf will be moved to the 8th hole and become the new fairway on that hole. Drainage tile has been installed to the left side of the hole and once major earth work is completed the remaining tile will be installed.

The new 15th green rough shaped.

The 8th green will have the mix installed this weekend. Irrigation has completed 50% on the 8th hole. They too should have it all installed by Sunday afternoon. Hopefully the seed will go down on the green by midweek and sod should also be going down on much of the hole. If we have a good dry week you should be able to see that hole really take shape by next weekend.

The 8th tee was moved to the north slightly and while that was being done we hit another phantom irrigation pipe. That had to be repaired on Friday and work will commence back again in this area on Saturday morning.

The 9th hole really took on a new look by Friday. The wall was the determining factor on how fast we could get this hole going. The major dirt work on the lake has now been completed. The wall has been completed. A new overflow pipe was installed in the dam to control the water level of the lake. Special anti-seep collars were installed to keep it from leaking. These are then encased in concrete before backfilling. We installed 2 air diffusers in the bottom of the lake to provide an oxygen rich environment for the fish and to help control algae blooms. We also installed a couple of fish hideouts for the fish to hangout. Tim Sims, South Course Superintendent did get stuck in a muddy area in the bottom of the lake. I think one of his boots is a permanent part of the lake.

Anti-seep collars on the overflow pipe.

The new 9th green laid out.

Tim stuck in the mud.

Fish Hides

Once all of these things we done we started to fill the lake up. 2+” of rain and some irrigation quick couplers put a lot of water in the lake in a hurry. This lake should holf approximately 3 million gallons of water, so it will take a little time to fill it up.

The tees on #9 have all been placed and shaped. The new green has been staked out behind the wall. We should have it rough shaped early in the week for the architect to look at. Drainage lines will now be the main focus for the LUI crew. There are some major lines that have to be installed across the 9th hole to capture water coming from #10, 13 and 14. All of these holes will have some of their drainage going into the lake on #9.

Irrigation has continued to work despite the wet weather. They are mainly working off of turf areas and they can work through wet conditions. 75% of the new main lines are now installed. One of the big parts of this phase is to get a larger irrigation line to the 16 hole. A new irrigation line was fused together with HDPE pipe in the middle of the week. It takes a very special machine to fit and fuse this style of pipe together. The machine was brought over from Lincoln, Ne. and below is a photo of the fusion taking place. A large boring machine will bore under the road and install this 100’ long pipe this upcoming week.

All of the cart path removal has been completed. On Monday a few more trees need to be cleaned up and then this part will be completed. After 4 years of construction it is very nice to say that we have these wrapped up and we will no longer need to do it.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Wall project update

Our staff worked on Saturday to finish installing the wood on our wall project. It was very muddy from Friday night's rain event but they worked hard to get the wood portion finished. Very proud of their efforts and the final project. We still have to backfill with rock and install the dead man plates. Here is a photo of the wall on Saturday afternoon.