Friday, October 9, 2015

Week 12 Recap

First week in 12 weeks that we have had no rain! It is amazing how much work can be completed when you do not have to deal with mud. LUI’s staff have worked some very long days to help get all of the greens built and seeded.

#4 has been a huge project, I believe I mentioned before that the green had been seeded. However we did not feel the germination was good so we reseeded it this past week and covered the green with an Evergreen cover to help promote germination. The rest of the fairway was graded, irrigated and sodded early in the week. The cart path crew came mid-week and started on #4. They have installed new path on #3, 4, 5 and 7 green. Today they are installing the concrete on #2 bridge, #1 tee and #18 green. They will leave for another job and then be back towards the end of the month to finish pouring the rest of the path work on #17, 18 and 6 green.

The next 2 videos are of #4, 3 weeks ago and the second one was taken this morning.

Here is a photo of the new bridge on #2 and that cart path will be done today.

#5 green was seeded 2 weeks ago and we are now mowing it on a regular basis. We are covering it at night to keep the temperature up a little so the growth does not slow down. Here is a photo of the green and a short flyover video of the hole.

#7 green was seeded and a sod ring was done the first half of the week. Work has continued on the surround area. Today they will finish the bunkers and then Justin Stensland will be in on Monday to sod the rest of the area around the green. It is very nice to complete areas and move on! Here is a photo from the left green side bunker.

The rest of the crew have worked on the 18th green and #1 tee areas. The mix is going into the green today. On Saturday they will water soak it and level the mix to 12” on the green. The irrigation crew will install the new irrigation around the green on Saturday and finish on Monday. On Tuesday of next week we will seed it and cover it up to help promote the germination. We should have a good month to get the bentgrass established before we get extreme cold temperatures.

After the green work is completed the crews will then focus on tees and bunkers. I know we still have a lot of work to do but if the weather holds, these areas go very fast and a big impact is made as they are completed. The architect was in on Wednesday and laid out several of the bunkers and the tee placements.
Keep praying for the weather to be dry and warm!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Week 11 Recap

Once again we started off the week with a rain storm that delayed LUI’s progress. However the sun came out on Tuesday and we have had a great week. We are also working Saturday and Sunday to help make up for lost time.

This past Monday we were able to seed the green on #4. LUI”s staff sodded around the green and bunkers and we turned on the water. We should see some germination today.

#5 green looks great and the entire bluegrass rough was sodded on #5 on Thursday. Justin Stensland and his team laid 1.5 acres of bluegrass sod. It really looks good. The final grades and finish will be done to #4 fairway this weekend and the bentgrass sod for the fairway will be coming next week. We have encountered a tremendous amount of sub surface water in the #5 tee area. Anytime you come across these underground seeps and springs they have to be dealt with otherwise we will have wet spots in the future. By last night (Friday) all of them had new tile installed into them and the grading will continue in this area this weekend.

#5 green area before
#5 green area after sodding
#5 green

Work continues on the new green on #7. Sub-grades were approved by the architect mid-week and the internal drainage of the green will finish this morning. We will start hauling mix to the green today and hopefully we will be seeding the green on Monday.

The sub grade is almost done on #18, the architect will be here on Wednesday morning to approve it and we will finish that green the end of next week. Pray for a warm October and November to help us grow in the putting surfaces!

The new bridge on #2 is finished and the new bridge on #17 will be finished by tomorrow morning. Then rock will be added and compacted to the approaches and the cart paths will be finished to them.

On Sunday, LUI’s cart path crew will be coming back to the club. They will be installing new path on #2 tee to the bridge. Finishing the cart path along #4 green to #5 tee to #5 green. Then they will be moving to #7 green were they will do around the new green. Getting these paths inatalled really helps finish off a golf hole.

The DMGCC maintenance team has also been very busy. The left rear corner of #3 green was stripped of the sod on Wednesday. The staff then added some greens mix to low areas and some new cupping areas were created. Sod was laid back down on Thursday, top-dressed and rolled. The new cupping areas will help move some traffic around and should create some interesting pin placements.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Week 9 and 10 Recap

My apologies in not getting my blog page updated for you. I was part of a contingent from DMGCC that attended the Solheim Cup in Germany. I have to show you one photo from the closing ceremonies, this is when the Iowa Flag was raised and DMGCC was recognized as the host for the 2017 Solheim Cup. We have a lot to do between now and then but we will do our best to make you proud.

Well rain has plagued the project once again. Over the last 2 weeks several days were lost due to some very wet conditions. However irrigation is always the part of the project that can work because they are not always in the dirt/mud. The new 10” main line under the creek on #1 South was bored in and they are finishing that connection today. Irrigation was also finished on #5 and #4 green sites.
Our goal right now is to get the greens built and seeded. Here is a photo of #5. It was sodded around and seeded last Friday. Looks like germination is doing well.

We are frantically working on #4 green site. We finished all of the bunkers around the green yesterday and LUI is sodding around them today. Our staff is laying sod on the approach and we will be seeding the green later today. Hopefully we can get a couple of more semi loads of sod in this afternoon.

Also the bridge building crew started last Wednesday. We have 2 new bridges be built. One of them is on #2 and it is about 75% completed and the other will be on #17.

LUI has a crew working on the subgrade of #7 green and there is a shaper working on shaping the grades on #18 green.

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Week 8 Recap

Wow, 2 months into the project and finally I am happy to say that #2 is finished. This hole has taken a lot of work to finish off, however I think you are going to be very pleased with the end results. Yesterday a Herculean effort was put forth by Landscapes Unlimited, Stensland Sodding and members from our staff to finish sodding this hole. The bentgrass was harvested off of the tees that are going to be re-done. That sod was moved to the fairway on #2. Stensland’s crew laid that sod and they also installed just over an acre of bluegrass sod. We gave up at 7:45 last night because of the ensuing darkness. We have about 4,000 sq. ft. of bluegrass sod to lay today and the hole will be complete from the old creek to the new green. There were a lot of moving parts to this end of the hole to make it all work and to get it right. I am very pleased with the end results and the construction effort put forth by LUI. Here is a flyover video from August 7th and this morning of #2

Last Saturday 3 of our staff and myself worked a long day on Saturday to seed the area to the north of the new cart path on #2. This was seeded to an Irish fescue blend of seed, then we used a straw blower to mulch over the area. We then tucked the straw into the sold to protect against erosion. If you remember last weekend it was 95 degrees. It was a very messy and hot job to finish. I wasn’t sure when I got home that my wife was going to let me come into the house to cleanup!

This week is always a very stressful week for the DMGCC staff. We not only give support to the construction effort but we also are doing the yearly core aerification to greens, approaches and fairways. We did not get to do any aerification this past Monday because of the rain. We then completed the front 9 holes and moved to the back 9 fairways by Friday. We will finish the North greens and fairways on Monday then move to the open side of the South on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Back to #4 and #5 greens. On Wednesday I spent the day with architect Tim Liddy, Daniel,(the man who builds it) discussing and fine tuning these 2 putting greens. We use a laser to take elevations of the subgrade. A lot of effort went into these greens to make sure there is plenty of cupping area and that they are playable. Today LUI will start installing drain lines in these 2 green surfaces. Meanwhile out on #4 fairway the concrete structure that bisected the fairway is now gone. LUI has 1 more day of hauling the old muck out of #5 pond and then these 2 areas will have a final grade put on it and then it will be ready for drainage and irrigation.

This is a brief flyover of #4 and #5 this morning.

All efforts will be on these 2 holes by the majority of the LUI staff. A few of the men will move ahead and start shaping the green on #7.

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Week 7 Recap

Once again Mother Nature started out the week very wet. We had rain over the weekend and then again on Sunday night to slow us down. However the warm temperatures returned and we had some nice wind to help dry things out and let us proceed.

It is amazing how much work was done to #2 this week. Landscapes Unlimited sent in their cart path crew and they did an amazing job installing the cart path on #2. They came down from Fargo, North Dakota and poured #2 in 2 days and were back in Fargo by Thursday evening. As we have more areas ready for path they will return and do installation.

A majority of the staff worked on preparing #2 for sod and for seeding. Of course they had to backfill and grade next to the cart path. Once everything was done a local sod contractor, Justin Stensland and his team came in to install sod on Friday. They are responsible for cutting all the bentgrass sod off of tees and fairway areas that are going to be disrupted and then re-install that sod. They are also installing the bluegrass sod in the rough areas. On Friday over 1.5 acres of bentgrass and bluegrass sod was cut and installed.

You can see by the following video how much work was done. Yes there is a lot of soil still exposed on this hole by that will be done very quickly once he can get back here. Everything to the north or right of the new cart path will be seeded today by our maintenance team. We seeded the green this past Monday and there is a good stand of turf coming up already.

Other groups were installing the new irrigation lines to #4 and #5 greens. Overall the mainline irrigation installation is going very well.

Another group of LUI people worked all week installing the 36” tile line from #4 lake to the south through #5. The hardest part about this install was cutting through the maintenance road and getting the pipe to the property line to pick up the water coming under the railroad tracks. Also there is still some muck that needs to be taken out of the old #5 pond area. You can see in this photo where the backhoe slid off into it and we had to pull him out.

Overall a very good week. The 2 largest or hardest components of this project are done and that is the installation of the 36” pipe. That takes a lot of time and hard work to get done. But now it is behind us and those teams of people will be moving on to greens building and seeding.

Saturday, August 29, 2015

Week 6 Recap

Overall week 6 was a great week, even though we had a rain out on Friday. LUI brought in more staff to the project. One of their shapers started to rough in the new greens on #4 and #5. Architect Tim Liddy was in on Thursday to work with the shaper to position the new putting greens and to determine the height of them.

Victor and his irrigation team installed new irrigation around the #2 putting green and the surrounding fairway and rough. It was great to see water turned on and that means that sod is close behind.

There was a crew working on the new bunkers on #2 green. Once irrigation was installed then everything was given a final raking and grades were checked to make sure everything drained correctly. Drainage tile was installed in each of the bunkers, liner was installed and then new sand was added to them. It is great to see things coming to a close on this hole.

Sod was removed from the existing fairway on Thursday morning and then re-installed on to the new fairway in front of the green. This weekend we will be grading the rest of the fairway and hauling soil to fill up the remainder of the old creek. Then irrigation will be installed in this area. Once that is completed a local sodding contractor will be on site to cut the sod off of all of the bentgrass areas that will have work done to them, then that sod will be moved to #2 fairway to completely regressing of the entire new fairway. On Sunday a concrete contractor will be on site to install the new cart path on #2 and #3 tees. We will be seeding the new green surface on Monday and then our staff will doing some seeding of the fescue areas to the north of this path and this hole should be completed.

#2 hole renovation has been a long and arduous process but I think that it is one of the best renovation changes that we have made in the last 3 years. There has been a lot of moving parts on the changes of this hole and it has not been easy but it will be worth the effort. The rest of the project will move at a much faster pace because there is not as much work as #2 has. I hope to have a video up next week to show you the entire finished project on this hole.