Wednesday, December 2, 2009

April 2007

From the Golf Course

We are finally able to string some good weather days together and make some progress at the new short game practice area. All of the bluegrass sod is down and we are adding sand to the two practice bunkers in that area. As a reminder once open, one of the bunkers will have sands different from what is currently in our bunkers and we want your feedback about the looks and playability of the different sands.

Updating the sand bottles on all carts, we are off to an okay start but we are not quite there. Please remember - ALWAYS REPLACE YOUR DIVOT first! Many golfers are using the divot sand in lieu of replacing the divot. We always want you to replace the divot first and then use the divot mix to sprinkle around the perimeter of the divot. If the divot is completely fractured then by all means fill it level with the sand mixture. They will heal over much quicker if they are replaced first.

Red Stakes – As you know DMGCC has always had a cart policy in place as to where we would like you to drive your carts. The new red stakes are just a reminder to give you guidance for cart usage. As you play the hole please do not enter the fairway until you come to the first red stake, then please proceed to play the hole remembering to scatter your cart usage. When you come to the green surround area there will be another red stake where we would like you to get back on the path and stay on the path.

One problem seen a lot of is to not keep all four (4) wheels on the path when parking the golf carts at the greens and tees. This problem leads to very worn areas at these spots that are very unsightly and not fair to the golfer.

So please remember to keep all 4 wheels on the path. I don’t believe too many of you do this at home.