Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Good Equipment and Great Staff

Here at the club we are blessed with a lot of good equipment to do our jobs. This is a picture of our Genie lift. It was purchased to help us put up the lights in the tennis dome and to help with all of the care and maintenance of the 5,400 trees that we have on our property. This lift has the cababilty to raise a man 40' in the air to do pruning of our trees.

We are also blessed with a great staff of men and women. In this photo Arturo Rivera is secured into the lift with a safety harness while he prunes a broken branch off a cottonwood tree beside 18 tee South. Arturo is one of our talented full time staff that helps with the tree pruning on the golf course. He was our 2008 DMGCC Employee of the Year.