Thursday, January 24, 2013

BIGGA's Monthly Message - Chief Executive

I am a member of BIGGA, British and International Golf Greenkeeper Association. They put out a great monthly magazine and they host an annual show called the BTME.

Every month, BIGGA's Chief Executive writes a column very similar to the one that might appear in Golf Course Management. This month I really noticed the European method of tackling a problem. Rather than beating around the bush they hit it head on. He is talking about the companies that do not support the BTME, they do their business by laying on the sidelines and piggybacking off of their show. Plain and simple message he asks his members, why support those who do not support us. Please don't give them the time of day. Nice Job Mr. Chief Executive for having the brass to tell them what you think. I admire that a lot. Hope you had a good show.