Thursday, April 18, 2013

Joe Roseman's Golf Club

As many of you know I have a great passion for old things about Des Moines Golf and it's history. Back in 1906 Joe Roseman came to Des Moines Golf and Country Club as the Pro/Greenkeeper. He stayed at our club until around 1916, at that time he moved to the Chicago area. While in Des Moines Mr. Roseman did some golf club apprentice work with Jack Burke and he was very good at inventing things. I have included a copy of an article about Joe Roseman and some of his accomplishments. I also got surprised by a fellow superintendent who has a bigger passion than me for historical items. He is a collector of hickory shaft golf clubs. He was looking through his collection and found this hickory shaft club from around 1915-1920. If you notice on the club there is a imprint of a Quaker. Mr. Roseman came from Pennsylvania and I believe that Quaker symbol meant something very special to him. You can clearly see his name imprinted on this MacGreagor golf club. It is on loan to DMGCC for us to proudly display, I think it very awesome to connect some physical things with our past. When I first got in the golf business I rode an old Ford Tractor pulling a 7 gang Roseman mower. The good old days!

1966may42 Joe Roseman by Riteg