Saturday, August 24, 2013

Week 1 of the NW 9 Renovation Project

Week 1 of the NW 9 Renovation Project

We have hired Landscapes Unlimited, a golf course building firm to do our renovation work for this Phase. Landscapes Unlimited is from Lincoln, Nebraska and they have been in this business for over 30 years. LU has a very long and impressive list of golf courses that they have done work for and a great list of golf courses they have built. Currently they have 2 crews on site, 1 crew working on the irrigation side and the other crew working on the actual Master Plan changes.

They got off to a good start this week. It was mainly a week of doing demolition of different areas, tree removal and starting to get everything in place. They have more staff coming off a few other job sites and this next week a lot more things will start to take shape.

The irrigation crew has a huge job of trying to keep our current irrigation system operational and install new mainline pipe and then get it tied back into our system. Currently they are tied into the old system up on #6 North and they are bringing new mainline down the center of the North course to the #1’s and to #18 North Green. They want this section of pipe operational as soon as possible, so that when the new greens are seeded they will have water!

All of the trees have been removed around the 18th green, the 2 greens in this area have been removed and new sub-bases are being shaped. On Monday golf course architect, Tim Liddy will be on site to give approval to the green sites and then the actual building of the greens will start. Also a large backhoe will start to work on the #13 pond bringing it back in front of the 18th green.

We are currently working on the new bunker sites, prepping the areas for renovation work. This involves cutting and capping irrigation lines in the areas, spraying Roundup Herbicide on the turf that are in the construction zones, and removing the old sand.

So for the upcoming work week we will be removing the old asphalt cart paths, more trees will be removed per the plan, tee renovation work will start, new mainline irrigation will arrive on #18 and the 2 new greens will be built.

Here are some time line photos of #18 this week.