Monday, December 2, 2013

Week 15 Final Update

Well I am very pleased to say that we are done with our NW 9 Renovation project! Yesterday Landscape Unlimited's staff finished the wall around the new putting green. All of the timbers are installed and we laid the sod around the timbers. It really looks nice. There were several small areas that needed just a little more attention and they had a crew going around working on these areas.

Originally they had a completion date of November 25. Throughout the project we had 23 days that adversely effected us on how we were doing the work. Many of those 23 days they could not work on. So I am very pleased with their final date and I am very happy to say it is now in our rear view mirror.

Today we have a visit planned with Dye architect, Tim Liddy. We will do a walk through of the 9 holes that were just completed and then we will be reviewing the plan for the NE 9 renovation project. This project will go out to bid in February. Not much time to rest!

Thank you for your comments and suggestions on my blog. There were days where it was difficult to find the time to write and update you, there were times when we did not make much progress, so it was hard to write. However many weeks I was very eager to write something and update you on the progress that we were making.

Thank you.