Friday, June 20, 2014


When we started the bunker project there were some questions if the new bunkering would save us money after a storm. We had 1" of rain last night. These 2 photos speak volumes! The first bunker is on the South golf course. All of the bunkers on the South need to be pumped out this morning. Most of the rain water from last night's storm has soaked in, now we have to pump this water out of the bunker and it has to have time to soak into the turf. In some situations this surface will delay carts from leaving the paths.

On the North course they still have to pump the bunkers on the 9 holes that are not renovated. However this is a photo of the bunkers that have been renovated and they too received 1" of rain. Not much to do to them but rake them!

Carts Traffic

The new carts are very nice to drive and they do accelerate very quickly. We have noticed a lot of marks on the fairways from golfers taking fast turns and stopping to quickly. As a driver of a cart you have to be aware that bad driving quickly results in damage to the turf. Please be mindful of that and turn slower and take the time to slow down rather than just slamming on the brakes. Thank you.