Saturday, September 10, 2016

Phase 4, Week 4 Renovation Project Update

Rain, is obviously a great thing to grow the turf in the fall of year however it is not welcome when you are doing aerification or construction! This is a very challenging time for our golf course maintenance staff. We have to try and aerify all 36 holes and build a wall in the off times of aerification. We had a very good plan in place but Mother Nature decided to step in and busted up our ideas!

All of the major grading is completed on the 8th hole. LUI staff will be working this Sunday to put the pea gravel layer in the green and the drainage. We have the new irrigation marked out and that will be installed the first part of next week. Greens mix will be put in place next week and seed should be in the ground by the end of the week.

All of the major drain lines have been installed on the 8th hole also. It is nice to have a rain event to see if in fact the water does exist out all of the new tile lines. I am happy to say that all of those tile lines worked well this week on #8.

Tree work has moved down to the 12th hole. If you have been by the club you will see a big change in this area. 6 ash and silver maple trees were removed on the right side just past the lake. This is an area where there will be a large cut of soil and that material will be moved to the left side of the hole to build a mound that will block the view from Jordan Creek Parkway. There will be a lot of trees removed from the left side to accommodate the soil that needs to be moved in this area. It will look very stark for a while out there, until we start moving soil in that area.

The DMGCC staff has been hard at building a new timber wall on the 9th hole. What we thought would be a high and dry project turned into a very muddy, slippery job. Rain the evening before we started really changed things. We have had 2 days of work on the wall and we have made some very good progression. Tim and Nate and a few of their key staff members are the brains and the braun behind the building of this wall. We will be working on it both Saturday and Sunday and hope to be out of LUI way very soon. They need to have the wall in place for the architect to place the green site on this upcoming Monday.

Here are some photos of our wall progression.