Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Dear DMGCC Member

Dear DMGCC Golfer,

With all of the rain that we have received in June we are noticing some disturbing but fixable items on the golf course.

When the turf is as wet as it is your divots on all of your shots are going to be much bigger divot on all of your shots. We are seeing a large number of divots not being replaced at all or being replaced very poorly. Please replace the divot and then use the soil mixture to topdress around the outside of the divot. This will help it repair much quicker. Every divot should be replaced, unless it is completely fractured. Even though it's hot and humid please walk up, retrieve your divot and replace it. This is for all golfers, young and old, male and female.

Ball marks - whew! Any shot hitting a green right now is leaving a noticeable ball mark in the surface of the putting green. Please find where your ball hit and then use the Pitch Pro ball mark repair tool to fix it properly. It's only June and the greens look like they have gone through a hail storm of ball marks that have not been repaired! Because of the weather we have not been able to do any topdressing or light aerification so the greens are really showing some wear.

When we do get off of the cart paths after a heavy rain, most of the cart users are doing a great job of staying out of wet areas and out of mud spots. Please watch for signs telling you about cart usage on certain holes and please obey the red stakes.

We are doing our best to cut grass when we can. We have even gone to using 21" push mowers to do a lot of the work that is normally done with a riding mower. It is our only option at this point. It looks like we will be getting into a little drier period the next few days which will help everyone situation but please remember the golfer is responsible for the three items listed above.

Rick Tegtmeier, CGCS

Director of Grounds