Monday, April 9, 2012

April Aerification

Each spring we do a deep tine aerification on greens, tees and fairways. This year is no exception to that. We are starting our greens deep tine aerification on the North greens today. We spread a layer of topdressing sand down on the putting surface first.

The we operate the deep tine machine on the green. We then brush and roll the green to help smooth it out again. This process will take a few days to do 18 holes. We will be doing the North greens the first 3 days of this week and next Monday April 17th we will do the South greens.

Deep tine aerification on the fairways is done with a different machine that does go faster and it does make a bigger hole in the playing surface. We are done with 1-13 fairways on the North. We will finish them this week and then move to the South fairways as soon we are done on the North. Tees will be completed as soon as greens and fairways are done.

We know this is not a popular maintenance procedure for the golfers but it is a process that we do that has to be done to help promote good root growth and plant development.