Friday, April 13, 2012

Drill and Fill Aerification Benefits

Every fall we do the job of aerification and then we do a similar process in the spring of the year using solid tines. Here at Des Moines Golf and Country Club we are “blessed” with greens that were built out of the native Iowa soil that was on site. Over the years with several aerifications and topdressings we are now growing our turf roots in a media that is better suited to good root development. However aerification has to continue and on certain greens we still need to do the “Drill and Fill” that leaves the big, ugly scars that take some time to heal in the spring. I have been asked if the big aerification holes are really necessary. The answer is a resounding Yes. I have included a photo of a profile that I took this morning. You will notice the big Drill and Fill hole that was done last fall and then filled with sand. The impressive thing in the photo is the white roots that are coming out the bottom of the aerification hole that was filled with sand. We are seeing this in all of the aerification holes made last fall but the Drill and Fill holes are really filling up and being utilized by the plant.