Thursday, April 4, 2013

Bentgrass Fairway Cleanup using Vertical Mower

This spring the bentgrass fairways have a brown color to them. The leaf of the plant was dessicated over the winter and there is a lot of good green vegetation down below. It takes several mowings to get that brown material out of the canopy and promote some good growth of the bentgrass.

One other method to use is vertical mowing the fairway with a fairway mower that has verticut heads on the machine. While this looks very dramatic when you see it being done, it really works well to get the old leaves out of the canopy and it helps promote some good green growth. You can see the process being done in this video.

After we are done using the verticuts, the material is blown to the side of the fairway and swept up. We then mow with our regular fairway mowers. The final product is a nice clean cut fairway with a lot less brown old senescing leaves. This is a photo of the finished product.