Sunday, November 17, 2013

Week 13 Update

Week 13 Update

It was a great week for our staff and Landscape Unlimited’s staff. It is amazing what can happen when you have a string of days that are dry and you can work the soil.

The concrete crew arrived last Monday and they finished all of the concrete work that needed to be done. We will have 2 small places to patch at the very end of the project but those spots will probably be taken care of next spring. The cart paths are very nice to travel on and the new bridge is very quiet and smooth when you drive across it.

It was a big week for Jeff and Landscape’s crew. Their main focus is bunkers and trying to finish getting the sod down. They started out working on the very large, new bunker on #17. Once this bunker was completed they really focused on the entire area around #17 and around the #15 tees. Many of the old cart paths were taken out, filled in with soil and then prepped for sod. Our staff went to work on prepping the area around the new bridge and the haul road on #1.

Once we had some large areas prepped for sod, the sodding contractor was called to come in and start sodding. Well bad news, he was already booked up. We made some calls to other contractors but they too were booked. So we called the original contractor and he rented a lay down machine to LU and we were off to the races to get some sod laid. Not only are you trying to beat rain and bad weather but you are trying to get sod laid and then watered in before we blow out the irrigation system.

So on this past Wednesday we started to take sod any way we could get it. Small rolls for our staff to lay. Big rolls for Jeff and his staff. Over a 3 day period we laid 14 semi loads of sod. That is
just over 3 acres of sod laid in those 3 days! To give you a perspective a football field is 1.32 acres. So we did 2 football fields of sod. What a difference it made in the overall looks of the golf course!

Once we get through the rain today I think there will be a huge push to make it done by Thanksgiving.

It is very difficult to see just how good things look with photos and videos but I have included some for you to see. This is also a very amateur video I did yesterday with my Gopro Camera. I drove the entire 9 holes of construction for you to see some of the work. I hope you can see the work we have been doing.

#2 Green Left Side Bunker

#3 from the right side of the hole

#4 Fairway

#17 Bunker