Friday, November 22, 2013

Week 14 Update

Week 14 Update

Well Landscapes Unlimited’s crew was on a very torrid pace to end this project. They started off the week finishing the fairway bunkers on #18 fairway. They quickly moved to #16 where they had to construct 2 new fairway bunkers and then remove the sand and then install new tile, liner and sand on the greenside bunker. By Wednesday these bunkers were being completed, the exit tile lines were out of the bunkers and they can be hooked to existing tile lines later. The shaping staff moved to the last fairway bunker on #2. They worked very hard to get it constructed and then they installed tile and pea rock.

Then as you well know it started to rain yesterday afternoon. They worked for a couple of hours in the rain. They had some liner installed and some sand. But the weather soon shut them down. I was very impressed that they covered up a couple of areas with plastic and concrete blankets to keep the frost from getting into the ground.

They really need just a few more nice days and then the project is substantially completed. I am afraid that the cutting of sod in our area is done. We did take a delivery of 1 more semi load of sod late yesterday. It is outside and under plastic. If it freezes over the weekend we will move it inside to thaw it out and then try to lay it. We are that close to the end of this fall project.
Here are some photos of the 16th fairway bunkers and greenside bunker completed.

This will be my last renovation project update on a regular basis. Please check back to our blog page. We try to post on things we are doing in the maintenance department. Thank you.