Saturday, August 15, 2015

Friday from the PGA Championships

Today was a very interesting day. The morning shift went on as usual with a double mow and roll on greens. It was very humid overnight and that had things just a little soft and a bit slower this morning.

We were warned very shortly after arriving for the afternoon shift of the chance of some inclement weather coming in. For a while it looked like the storm might pass just off to the west of the golf course. Unfortunately that was not the case.

For about 30 minutes it rained nearly horizontally with winds over 60 mph. Thankfully there was only .2" of rain with the storm and it left the golf course itself in good shape. I have seen pictures and heard horror stories of fixing the bunker washouts for a prior PGA at Whistling Straits.

After we got the all clear we headed out onto the course and proceeded with our normal double cut at roll. Once we got out, you could see that entire TV towers and large scoreboards and come down in the wind. All of the bunker crew took trash bags out and walked the entire course picking up everything they could.

One interesting experience from tonight was the fact that play had been suspended mid-round. Players had marked their balls with tees and the like, which needed to be removed prior to mowing. We would wait until the mower was almost to the mark, pick up the tee, and immediately replace it after the mower got through. We were provided a sheet with the location of every in play golf ball on the course, which was very helpful.

All in all, I still think we dodged a bullet. We could be in a much worse situation right now and I believe the tournament will still be a huge success.