Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Course Care - revisited

It is very disturbing to go around our golf course and once again see numerous ball marks not repaired, divots laying out on the tees and fairways and just general lack of care by the golfers this past 3 weeks. I understand that the golf courses have been recently aerified but it is incumbent upon the golfer to do your part in taking care of the golf courses.

Even though the greens have holes from the aerification they are now softer and a ball mark will be made when a green is hit from a lofted shot. Please take the time to find and fix these marks. All divots should be replaced! Do not just use the sand bottles. Here is a copy of something I wrote back in 2011 and it is still our policy today:

Care of the Course

On behalf of the Des Moines Golf and Country Club we want to welcome you to our club. We also have some reminders that we feel are important for you to know about while you are playing our facility.

Please replace ALL divots that you take during play, this includes tees, fairways, roughs and any other closely mown area:

1. Retrieve all possible portions of the divot, replace it carefully.
2. Step down on the divot firmly once replaced.
3. If you have sand/divot mix available for use (on golf carts) please use it to fill around the edge of the divot and fill any void areas.

Ball Marks: Pitch marks made by your ball from any shot should be repaired as follows:

1. It is preferred that you use the Pitch Pro tool that is provided to you at the starter stand.
2. Inset the point or tip in several different places around the ball mark and gently push towards center.
3. DO NOT LIFT OR TWIST THE TOOL WHILE IT IS IN THE TURF! This can do major damage to the root system of the turf.
4. Once pushed together gently tamp down the pitch mark area.
5. Whenever possible repair and extra pitch mark if you see one!

It is our pleasure to have you come and play Des Moines Golf and Country Club; we would appreciate your respect to these matters listed above and enjoy your golf at our facility.

Please remind others in your group to repair the ball marks and divots, by doing this our golf course will be in much better condition.

Lastly we have the red stakes for a reason - to properly manage the golf cart traffic around greens and tees. Please follow our red stake rule.

As a reminder: No carts should be off the paths on all Par 3's. Even if you have a blue flag you should be on the paths playing a par 3.

If you are following these simple rules - thank you. If you are not please do your best to help our your fellow golfer and remember to fix ball marks, replace divots and follow our red stake rules.

Thank you.