Friday, October 9, 2015

Week 12 Recap

First week in 12 weeks that we have had no rain! It is amazing how much work can be completed when you do not have to deal with mud. LUI’s staff have worked some very long days to help get all of the greens built and seeded.

#4 has been a huge project, I believe I mentioned before that the green had been seeded. However we did not feel the germination was good so we reseeded it this past week and covered the green with an Evergreen cover to help promote germination. The rest of the fairway was graded, irrigated and sodded early in the week. The cart path crew came mid-week and started on #4. They have installed new path on #3, 4, 5 and 7 green. Today they are installing the concrete on #2 bridge, #1 tee and #18 green. They will leave for another job and then be back towards the end of the month to finish pouring the rest of the path work on #17, 18 and 6 green.

The next 2 videos are of #4, 3 weeks ago and the second one was taken this morning.

Here is a photo of the new bridge on #2 and that cart path will be done today.

#5 green was seeded 2 weeks ago and we are now mowing it on a regular basis. We are covering it at night to keep the temperature up a little so the growth does not slow down. Here is a photo of the green and a short flyover video of the hole.

#7 green was seeded and a sod ring was done the first half of the week. Work has continued on the surround area. Today they will finish the bunkers and then Justin Stensland will be in on Monday to sod the rest of the area around the green. It is very nice to complete areas and move on! Here is a photo from the left green side bunker.

The rest of the crew have worked on the 18th green and #1 tee areas. The mix is going into the green today. On Saturday they will water soak it and level the mix to 12” on the green. The irrigation crew will install the new irrigation around the green on Saturday and finish on Monday. On Tuesday of next week we will seed it and cover it up to help promote the germination. We should have a good month to get the bentgrass established before we get extreme cold temperatures.

After the green work is completed the crews will then focus on tees and bunkers. I know we still have a lot of work to do but if the weather holds, these areas go very fast and a big impact is made as they are completed. The architect was in on Wednesday and laid out several of the bunkers and the tee placements.
Keep praying for the weather to be dry and warm!