Saturday, October 31, 2015

Week 15 Recap

This past Monday started off with a bang. It was a beautiful dry day and Justin Stensland and his crew laid 5 semi loads of sod on #5 to finish off all of the sodding on that hole. The bull dozers were hard at work shaping tee complexes and everyone else was building bunkers and finish grading for sod. Our maintenance team worked with LUI moving excess dirt out of the way. We filled in the greenside bunker on #3 green and the fairway bunker on #7 so the new bunker will be above the grade of the fairway.

Here is a photo of #5, the sodding is almost completed.

Then came the rain on Monday night, Tuesday morning. This time of year with a low sun angle and few hours of daylight it just takes a lot longer to dry the soil where we can get back out to work. On Wednesday and Thursday crews were back out draining the bunkers on #1 fairway and #1 green. #17 tee complex, #4 tee complex and #2 tee complex are all rough in and ready for the tee crews to come in and start their work on building the internal parts of the new tees. The bunker building crews have most of the drainage on #1 finished and ready for liner and sand. Danny was busy shaping bunkers on #6 green and #17 green. As of Friday night he has them ready, we just have to make an adjustment to one bunker on #17 green. He will then move to fairway bunkers on #7 fairway.

With the rain Friday night there will be no construction work this morning. The bright spot is the forecast of some 70 degree weather all next week. I know we have a semi load of bentgrass sod scheduled for delivery on Wednesday to sod the new tees.